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No refunds will be given after an intial 10-day grace period.

What's the Difference Between a Letter-Grades and a Pass/No Pass Course?

Letter graded courses earn credit with a grade of A, B, C, or D.

Pass/No Pass courses provide opportunity for credit recovery in an accelerated manner. Students successfully completing a semester of a Pass/No Pass courses will receive .5 credit. Pass/No Pass courses do not affect grade point average in Salem-Keizer Public School District. Pass/ No Pass courses may not be appropriate for students going directly to a four-year college after high school.

Students successfully completing a semester course will earn .5 Carnegie unit. Failure to fully complete a semester's course may result in lessened or no credit and a grade of F or No Pass as appropriate. Reduction of credit or failure to pass a course does not reduce or eliminate tuition charges.

College Credit:

Some courses offer high school and college credit simultaneously. Courses earning both college credit through Chemeketa Community College and high school credit. These courses require a pre-test prior to registration:

Course Offerings - Spring 2005
Letter Graded Courses

Pass / No Pass Courses

Strikethrough indicates the course is closed.

English 9 - Composition
English 9 - Literature
Soph. Survey 1 - Writers' Workshop
Soph. Survey 2 - Literature Survey
College Writing, Sem. 1 & 2  (Pre-Test Required)
Advanced Research and Procedures  (Pre-Test Required)

Fundamentals of Math (elem. level), Sem. 1 & 2
Pre-Algebra (mid. school level), Sem. 1 & 2
General Math, Sem. 1 & 2
Algebra 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D
Algebra 1 Theory, Sem. 1 & 2
Geometry, Sem. 1 & 2
Intro. to Advanced Algebra, Sem. 1 & 2
Advanced Algebra, Sem. 1 & 2
Algebra 2, Sem. 1 & 2


Personal Enhancement (Phys. Ed.)

Spanish 1, Sem. 1 & 2
Spanish 4 / Literature & Language for Spanish Speakers, Sem. 1 & 2

Wellness 1
Wellness 2

Computer Skills 1 
Computer Skills 2
(Pre-Test Required)
Computer Management & Careers  (Pre-Test Required)
Web Design 
(Pre-Test Required)
Introduction to Business

Earth Science
Environmental Chemistry, Sem. 1 & 2
General Biology, Sem. 1 & 2
Concepts in Physical Science, Sem. 1 & 2

20th Century Studies, Sem. 1 & 2
Sophomore Economics
American Government
Global Issues
Senior Economics
History in Cinema

Middle School Language Arts, Sem. 1 & 2
(6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

Middle School Science, Sem. 1 & 2
(6th, 7th, & 8th grade)

indicates the course is closed.

English 1, Sem. 1 & 2
English 2, Sem. 1 & 2
American Literature, Sem. 1 & 2
English Literature, Sem. 1 & 2

Business Math, Sem. 1 & 2


Earth Science, Sem. 1 & 2
Biology, Sem. 1 & 2

Geography, Sem. 1 & 2
American Government, Sem. 1 & 2
American History, Sem. 1 & 2
World History, Sem. 1 & 2

Economics, Sem. 1 & 2

The following courses require a pre-test for prior to registration:

  • College Writing
  • Advanced Research and Procedures
  • Computer Skills 2
  • Computer Management and Careers
  • Web Design

The pre-tests can be found online at Log on with the user name and password of guest.

How do students register?

Only online registrations will be accepted. Counselor confirmation of registration for Fall Session courses by tuition is not required but students are advised to consult with their school counselor regarding proper course selection.

Our registration page is accessible only through Internet Explorer 5.5 or better.

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