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Pre-testing and Support Make sure students are placed in appropriate course at appropriate level.  Also, links to pc diagnostics for student pc's for proper hardware and software configuration.
SK Online Levels of Support Model Diagram (flowchart) displaying levels of support for students and staff.
Parks Mystery Tube Demo Tegrity streaming video demonstration. Park Shaffer and his mystery tube demo to science class.
Technology Tools for Course Builders A host of examples demonstrating current technologies we have available to meet the learning needs of all students. This support link is very useful for teachers building courses and lessons.
Course Development Evaluation Guide This is the Course Development bible --- it is the set of standards that content providers, web developers, and editors will use to evaluate all online courses.
Attendance Tutorial Step by step instructions for taking Attendance in Educator (338k)
About Me Intro. Lesson Great beginning activity for any online course. Simply link to this activity to get to know your kids, teach them how to copy/paste info off the internet into their word processor, and education them on the school (online) rules.
TotalRecorder Tutorial Total Recorder is a free download that allows one to record (via microphone) audio recordings that can be saved in MP3 format.
YakPak Tutorial YakPak is interactive audio recording software developed by a team at Stanford University. We are currently Beta testing it for them.
Building W3C Compliant web pages and W3C Standards Check Sheet Defining and building W3C compliant web pages; W3C standards check sheet chart.
Beta Test Site Demo Index  page with two support pages. Test for CSS and accessible/valid/compliant web pages.


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