Earn College Credit in High School!Earning Simultaneous College Credit

The following courses offer high school and optional college credit through Chemeketa Community College simultaneously. The college charges a nominal fee to award credit. Call the Mid-Willamette Education Consortium at 503.399.5239 or visit www.mwec.org for more information.

  • Oregon Survey - Literature (Writing 115)
    pre-test required
  • College Writing, Semester 1 (Writing 121)
    pre-test required
  • College Writing, Semester 2 (Writing 122)
  • Advanced Research and Procedures (Writing 123)
  • Computer Management & Careers pre-requisite: Computer Skills 2 or equivalent
  • Web Design pre-requisite: Computer Skills 2 or equivalent
  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Law
  • Medical Terminology

Writing Pre-Tests

* To ensure placement in the correct course, students are required to take the pre-test for College Writing or Oregon Survey, Semester 2.

  1. Take the COMPASS test at CCC no later than 2 weeks after enrolling in SK Online's Oregon Survey, Semester 2 (Writing 115) or College Writing (Writing 121).
    1. Contact the Chemeketa Community College testing office at 503-399-6556 to make an appointment.
    2. Hours for testing:
      • Monday: 11am-4:00pm
      • Wednesday: 9am-7:30 pm
      • Thursday: 10:30am-7:30pm
      • Friday: 9am-4:00pm
      • Students must plan on beginning testing at least 2 hours prior to closing time. If you are enrolling from out of the area, please contact your instructor for information on other sites available for testing.
  2. To enroll in College Writing, students must score 82 or higher on the COMPASS test of writing skills.
  3. Students may enroll in Writing 115 with a COMPASS score of 64-81.
  4. Following the test, submit the written results to your instructor.
  5. Application for optional CCC credit through the College Credit Now (CCN) program will take place at the beginning of the SK Online course. Students must pay a fee of $25 per course and register via a form provided by their instructor.
  6. Please direct any questions on this information to your instructor.
1115 Commercial Street NE • Salem, Oregon 97301 • 503.399.3205 • Office hours: 7:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Darren Hunter, SK Online Lead Teacher• Jason Weeks, Roberts HS Principal