Entry to Oregon Writers - Intro to College Writing (WR115)

CCN Writing 115 test

A. Correcting sentence errors

  • Use the sentences below.
  • Correct sentence errors. Use appropriate punctuation (commas and semi-colons), capital letters, correct spelling and grammar.
  • Add coordination, subordination, and dialogue as needed.
  • Delete unneeded words.
  • Change words that are “speaking-writing” to more formal words.

  1. so yeah, it’ll be a good job
  2. whenever he goes hiking
  3. even though it cost us $100 we still had enough money for gas
  4. Justin said we need to make a pit stop OK agreed Carlos.
  5. tyler looked up his plastic 7-11 cup was full of Doritos his mouth covered with orange powder who, me no way you guys totally ate them all
  6. some day we’ll drive to California that will be a great trip

B. Sentence combining

  • Use the sentences below.
  • Combine the sentences into several sentences, using correct punctuation.
  • Delete unneeded words.
  • Form new words and add words as needed.

Coffee shop

  1. The expresso machine hisses.
  2. It whistles a soft tune.
  3. It clinks.
  4. The metal cup slides into the holder.
  5. The narrow pine floors creak.
  6. People enter.
  7. They carry newspapers.
  8. They look for chairs.
  9. Outside, people hunch around small metal tables.
  10. They share gestures.
  11. They laugh.
  12. They smoke cigarettes.
  13. Heads nod to people
  14. The people walk past.
  15. A dog is tied to a bike rack.
  16. He sniffs.
  17. He scratches.
  18. It’s Saturday
  19. No one is in a hurry.

C. Writing About Yourself

  1. In at least two paragraphs, write an essay about yourself, using the information below. When you are finished, be sure to read over it and correct for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.
  2. The first paragraph should contain basic information such as your name, year in school, age, sex (m/f), and current classes you are taking.
  3. The remaining paragraph(s) should contain information about your family (brothers, sisters, pets, etc.), hobbies, interests, etc.
  4. Be sure to include things you like and dislike as follows:
    • Using the tool bar, color code in green any activities, things, people, places which you like very much .
    • Color code in red anything which you dislike.

D. Submit

Save your document and e-mail it to the Instructor.

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Darren Hunter, SK Online Lead Teacher• Jason Weeks, Roberts HS Principal