Send Message

To send a message to your instructor, other students, or contacts outside of SK Online, click Send Message.

To send an e-mail directly to the instructor, click the box next to his or her name, under the word TO. CC is short for "carbon copy." Use it to send a copy of an e-mail to someone who is not the main recipient. The main recipient will see the name of the person who received a CC. BCC is short for "blind carbon copy." It also sends a copy of an e-mail to someone else, but the main recipient will not know that the student has done so.

To send an e-mail to another student, click E-mail specific students for a list of students in the class.

The space below the word To: is used only when sending an e-mail to someone outside of SK Online, such as a parent.

Enter the Subject, type the Message and click Send Mail when it is finished.

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