Students can customize the way their e-mail account functions and displays.

If they wish, students can forward their e-mail to an e-mail account they use more frequently. However, care should be used not to reply from the other e-mail address. Replies to instructor e-mails need to originate from within the SK Online website. If their mail is forwarded to another account, students may also keep a copy in the SK Online account by clicking the Preserve a copy of mail checkbox.

Students may elect to include a "signature" at the bottom of every e-mail sent, such as their name, contact information, or a favorite phrase. Anything in this area must be appropriate for school, and must not be offensive. It will be seen by teachers, parents, and other students.

If desired, students may elect not to receive e-mail from outside SK Online by clicking on the Reject all mail arriving from the Internet checkbox. Less restrictively, mail from individual addresses can be blocked.

Students can choose which mail folder should display upon clicking on the E-Mail button, or after sending e-mail. They may also choose how they wish their mail to be sorted, such as Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest, etc.

After all selections have been made, click the Submit button.

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