Doing Coursework


To log in to your course, go to Save this page as a favorite if you're using Internet Explorer, or as a bookmark if you're using Netscape so you can get to your course quickly in the future.

To create a favorite in Explorer:
Click on Favorites and then select Add to Favorites. Rename the favorite "SK Online Courses" and then click OK.

To create a bookmark in Netscape:
Click Bookmarks and then select File Bookmarks. Rename the bookmark "SK Online Courses" and then click OK.

After you have entered your user name and password (which you received in the e-mail that confirmed your enrollment), your screen will like like the one below:




Your course will open to the Announcements page. Here is where your instructor will communicate with the whole class. Be sure to watch this area for information and updates regarding your course. To begin working on your course, click on Course Home.

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