Is your computer set up properly to work in an online school? 

Please check the following links to make sure your hardware and software are all setup and ready to go.

  1. Acrobat Reader file
    If this test fails, please go to Adobe and download the free Acrobat Reader.
  2. Microsoft Word file
    If this test fails, contact your instructor. They will instruct you around this problem (RTF file type).
  3. RTF file  (industry standard for transferring word processed files between Macs and PC's.
  4. Firewall, Audio, and Microphone Tests (make sure you can access websites; listen to audio; and record audio).
  5. Internet Explorer (browser)  (Are you sure your browser is setup to view active media for our online courses?)
  6. Boxermath System Checkup (If you are taking a math course from us, be sure to do this test).
  7. YackPack System Checkup (If you need to record audio for your instructor, make sure this test is working).
  8. Excel spreadsheet
    If this test fails, it may be because: 1) you do not have an spreadsheet on your computer that can read Excel files; or your Excel security level is not set properly.
  9. AVI (audio file)
    This file type is used for multimedia presentations (video demonstrations, etc.)
    Downloading Microsoft media player 7 or above will allow your pc to read this filetype.
  10. MP3 file
    This is rapidly becoming the industry standard for recording audio due to very small filesize.
    Downloading Microsoft media player will allow you to listen to all types of media files.
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