SK Online Courses

Art Appreciation (Shirley) TBA
Business/Computers (Barry Support)
Computer Skills 1 BE202217000
Computer Skills 2 BE302217000
Computer Mgn/Careers (S1) CA411217000
Computer Mgn/Careers (S2) CA411227000
Web Design CA417217000
Intro. to Business (Sem 1) BV214217000
Classpad 101 CA301217000
Foreign Language (Barry Support)
Spanish 1 (Sem 1) FS201417000
Spanish 1 (Sem 2) FS201427000
Spanish 2 (Sem 1) Ody developing
Lenguaje (Sem 1) LL282417000
Lenguaje (Sem 2) LL282427000
Language Arts (Barry Support)
9th Comp LW241217000
* 9th Lit LL241217000
10th Comp (Writers Wksp) LW352217000
* 10th Lit (Lit Survey) LL352217000
HS College Writing (Sem 1) LW504417000
HS College Writing (Sem 2) LW504427000
HS College Writing (Sem 3) LW508217000
Writing 115 (Megan) TBA
Eng 1 (Sem 1, STARS) LL351219000
Eng 1 (Sem 2, STARS) LW351219000
Eng 2 (Sem 1, STARS) LW357219000
Eng 2 (Sem 2, STARS) LL357219000
American Lit (Sem 1, STARS) LL481219000
American Lit (Sem 2, STARS) LL481229000
Eng Lit (Sem 1, STARS) LL342219000
Eng Lit (Sem 2, STARS)


SKOR (Cathy) TBA
Mathematics (Kimber Support)
Fundamental Math MTH34515000
Pre Alg (Sem 1) MM204417000
Pre Alg (Sem 2) MM204427000
General Math (Sem 1) MM201417000
General Math (Sem 2) MM201427000
Business Math (Sem 1, STARS) MM203419000
Business Math (Sem 2, STARS) MM201429000
Alg 1A MA202217000
Alg 1B MA203217000
Alg 1C MA204217000
Alg 1D MA205217000
Alg 1 Theory (Sem 1) MA304417000
Alg 1 Theory (Sem 2) MA304427000
Alg 1 (Sem 1) MA202417000
Alg 1 (Sem 2) MA202427000
Alg 2 Theory (Sem 1) MA403417000
Alg 2 Theory (Sem 2) MA403427000
Modern Abstract Algebra MA402217000
Intro Adv Alg (Sem 1) MT304417000
Intro Adv Alg (Sem 2) MT304427000
Geometry (Sem 1) MG301417000
Geometry (Sem 2) MG301427000
Trigonometry MT406217000
Adv. Algebra (Sem 1) MT403417000
Adv. Algebra (Sem 2) MT403427000
PE/Health (Barry Support)
PE PZ255217000
Wellness 1 HZ208217000
Wellness 2 HZ209217000
* Por Tu Salud (Sem 1) HZ208218000
* Por Tu Salud (Sem 2) HZ208218000
Health (STARS)  
Science (Kimber Support)
* Earth Science LG (Sem 1) SE311217000
Biology LG (Sem 1) SB311417000
* Biology LG (Sem 2) SB311427000
Env. Chem (Sem 1)
* Env. Chem (Sem 2) SC311427000
CPS (Sem 1) SP111417000
CPS (Sem 2) SP111427000
Earth Science STARS SE311219000
Biology (Sem 1, STARS) SB311419000
Biology (Sem 2, STARS) SB311429000
Sci. Ind. Study (Sem2, STARS)
Forensic Science (Sem 1) TBA
Forensic Science (Sem 2) TBA
Social Studies (Kimber Support)
* American Govt DC303217000
American Govt (STARS) DC303219000
20th Century Lit (Sem 1) DH202417000
20th Century Lit (Sem 2) DH202427000
Soph Econ DE305217000
* Senior Econ DE407217000
Global Issues DG301217000
World History 1 (STARS) DS301219000
World History 2 (STARS) DS302219000
Amer History (Sem 1, STARS) DH301419000
Amer History (Sem 2, STARS) DH301429000
Economics (STARS) DE305219000
Geography (STARS) DS305219000
Psychology DS306217000
* History in Cinema DH302217000
Social Studies (Indep. Study) DI098229000
Support Courses
  2222  (Jim)
  3333 (Jim)
Pre-testing and Support (Barry Support) Make sure students are placed in appropriate course at appropriate level.  Also, links to pc diagnostics for student pc's for proper hardware and software configuration.
Levels of Support Diagram (flowchart) displaying levels of support for students and staff.
Elementary (Kimber Support)
Fundamental Math (sk server) MTH34515000
Middle School (Annette/Kimber Support)
Science 6 SCIEN615000
Science 7 SCIEN715000
Science 8 SCIEN815000
Lang. Arts 6 LARTS615000
Lang. Arts 7 LARTS715000
Lang. Arts 8 LARTS815000
General Math (Sem 1) MM201417000
General Math (Sem 2) MM201427000
*Human Sexuality MSHS
Middle School Math (skoclass) MSMATH15000
Work Experience (Barry Support)
* = Not Webdav'd
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Darren Hunter, SK Online Lead Teacher• Jason Weeks, Roberts HS Principal