SK Online Communication Etiquette

Ways to Communicate within SK Online:

Your SK Online e-mail account is to be used only for school-related activities. For all communication outside of school, please use your personal e-mail account, such as from Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail, AOL, Comcast, etc. You can get to your SK Online e-mail account by logging in to SK Online and clicking the E-Mail button. Refer to the E-Mail section of this orientation for more information.
Discussion Boards
A Discussion Board is a general term for any online "bulletin board" where you can leave a message and expect to see responses to it.
YackPack is a fully web-based audio recording product that allows staff and students to do live recordings to communicate with each other.

Communication Etiquette Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be used for communication within SK Online:

  1. Prior to sending or posting your work, review it for spelling and grammar errors and to make sure it says exactly what you want it to say. ( In other words, proof-read.)
  2. Be brief and stay on topic, but do provide specific details or information.
  3. Check your messages daily and respond promptly.
  4. When sending attachments, make sure they are appropriate and that the file size is as small as possible, especially with photos images.
  5. Never post, send, or forward messages containing defamatory, offensive, racist, or obscene remarks. Be tactful.
  6. For privacy, never publicly reveal your address, phone number, or anything too personal.
  7. If a fellow student sends you a message that you feel is inappropriate, please contact your instructor.
  8. Whenever possible, cite your references.

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