Upon logging in as the student to, a student, parent, or counselor can check the current course grade at any time by clicking on Gradebook.

Each assessment will be listed, including whether the assessment has been submitted, the total points possible, and the number of points earned by the student.

The Gradebook also contains:

The cumulative total of the points earned so far. In this example, a total of 115 points have been earned so far, out of a total 648 points possible in the entire course... or 17.74%. This number is indicated by the Total Percentage. If s/he stopped working now, s/he would receive an F.

However, Sidney has earned 93.49% of the points possible for the assessments s/he has completed so far, which is show as the Current Percentage. If s/he continues to submit the same high-quality work throughout the course, Sidney can expect to earn an A.

In most cases, final grades are based on the Total Percentage.

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