SK Online Orientation

Guided Tour of our Toolbar

This is the first page of a guided tour of SK Online's course management system. The navigation (toolbar) for our system will always appear in the left hand side of your screen. You will always be one click away from your:

So, let's get started...


The first page you'll see when you enter a course contains your instructor's Announcements, and looks like this:

It's important that you read the Announcements each time you log in. It's where your teacher communicates with the whole class, and where you'll find the most current and specific information about the course and course deadlines. (Other places to find specific information include the teacher's Welcome Letter that was e-mailed to you and/or the course syllabus.)

After you leave the Announcements page, you can always return to it by clicking the Announcements button on your toolbar.


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